Airborne Video Surveillance Hub Reduces Cabling, Expands Video I/O Support

Maximize Airborne Video Surveillance Mission Efficiency

What price are you paying to access all of your video sensor data? Is your airborne platform encumbered with the weight of a “rat’s nest” of video cables? Can your surveillance system keep up with the chaos of multiple analog and digital video standards? Now there’s a simple solution – a high performance, fully featured “video hub” -  that lets you fully support and exploit all of your platform’s video sensor standards, from composite PAL/NTSC and RGB analog to DVI and HD-SDI digital. Curtiss-Wright’s Skyquest™ Video Management System (VMS) solutions end cable clutter, reduce video system SWaP, and add the vital flexibility to view, record and transmit all the video signals your mission crew needs.


Simplified video surveillance without compromised functionality.

Curtiss-Wright’s Skyquest VMS gives you complete control over all of your critical video data. Now, you can route multiple video sources to multiple destinations (displays, recorders, downlinks) in real-time. And combine multiple sources for simultaneous display and perform real-time conversion between analog and digital signals with scaling and windowing support.

Raise your Video I/O Ceiling
Our VMS is built to grow with your missions: we give you
18 video inputs, each of which can be routed to one or more of a dozen outputs, so every crew member gets the video they need. Even better, recording and network streaming – with H.264 compression – is built-in.

VMS is flying today on board law-enforcement and search-and-rescue rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft around the globe. This proven, qualified and fielded solution drastically reduces your video surveillance design risk.

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