Curtiss Wright at the Singapore Airshow 2016


Singapore Air Show – Chiangi Exhibition Centre, 16-21 February 2016

  NEW: Lightweight crash recorder and integrated Health Monitoring solution from Curtiss-Wright and Ultra Electronics

Booth #R75 

Making its debut at Singapore Airshow, Fortress HUMS combines an ED-112A qualified crash recorder with sophisticated inbuilt HUMS hardware.  

This solution reduces installed box count and utilizes distributed data acquisition architecture for both flight and HUMS data. Click here to find out more. 

+ System weight can drop from 70 lb to 13 lb

+ Scalable architecture is easily re-programed with no need to switch anything out

+ Benefits include logistics and maintenance savings, improved safety and lower SWaP-C              

Technology Briefing @ Singapore Airshow  

Date: Wednesday, February 17 at 16:00 – 16:30

Location: Technology Seminar on the show floor. Drop by booth #R75 for more details. 

Topic: Fortress HUMS combines sophisticated HUMS and a crash recorder into one box

Presenters: Steve Leaper, Product Manager at Curtiss-Wright & Marc Brodeur, VP of Marketing and Sales (Ultra Electronics Flightline Systems)