Designed for Platforms that Demand Advanced Cooling, Low-power, and Intensive I/O, These SBCs Are Taking the Market by Storm

Our VPX3-1257 and VPX6-1957 SBCs are the most flexible and configurable Single Board Computers on the market. These boards fully leverage their 3rd Generation  Intel® Core™  i7 (Ivy Bridge) dual/quad-core processor for SWaP-constrained applications, providing full, low and ultra-low power options for any environmental requirement –as low as 25W for 3U, and 35 W for 6U VPX.

An unprecedented variety of I/O options are available, from lower speed I/O to high speed serial, 10GbE, PCIe Gen2 and SRIO Gen2.

Integrators around the world are rapidly adopting these feature-rich, highly configurable SBCs, putting them to work in various applications including ground vehicles, UAVs, and ground based radar. 
Various cooling options are supported, including support for Northrop Grumman’s Air Flow Through (AFT) cooling technology, the “Sweet Spot” for Cost-Effective, Sealed Cooling.

Contact Curtiss-Wright to learn why the VPX3-1257 and VPX6-1957 SBCs (along with the complementary VPX3-491 and VPX6-490 GPGPU Application Accelerators) are making such an impression in the military embedded marketplace.


vpx3-1256  3U VPX Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge SBC VPX3-1257


vpx6-1957  6U VPX Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge SBC VPX6-1957