The Skyquest™ VMS Enhances Airborne Surveillance and Reduces Space, Weight and Cost

With high definition (HD) sensors now becoming standard in the latest electro-optical (EO) turrets installed on aircraft, it’s logical that air crew will want a fully integrated mission system that can exploit this latest surveillance technology to the fullest.

The Skyquest HD Video Management System (VMS) is the ideal fully integrated surveillance suite for rotary and fixed wing aircraft. The VMS allows full integration of all mission video in the aircraft, allowing air crew to seamlessly operate as a team with access to all video input on all displays, ability to switch between video channels for recorders, downlinks, single or quad-screen or moving map views and more.

In addition, the integrated nature of the VMS translates into dramatic space, weight and cost savings, as there is no need  for multiple cable sets between devices, or additional hardware converters and splitters.

The main components of a VMS system include a Distribution Unit, Displays and Recorder, as well as ancillary hardware. A wide variety of Skyquest products are available, including: 

 VDSU   VDSU-1420 Distribution unit for switching video around the aircraft


AVDU    AVDU4300 Full HD Display with hard bezel and touch screen controls


VRDV    VRDV-5004 HD Recorder for recording critical mission video

The Skyquest VMS is employed by law enforcement agencies around the globe for aerial surveillance, including the London Metropolitan Police