Luciad Public Training 2014


Luciad is pleased to announce the Luciad Public Product Trainings for 2014.

Luciad offers Public Product Trainings for the development of Geospatial Situational Awareness applications. Luciad Product Trainings enable customers to benefit from the knowledge and the experience of the Luciad Specialists, and participate in hands-on training sessions.

The Luciad Public Product Training schedule for 2014 includes dedicated sessions for LuciadLightspeed, LuciadMobile, LuciadRIA, and LuciadFusion.
The next Public Product Training is scheduled to take place:

•         LuciadLightspeed

o   17, 18 and 19 February 2014

•         LuciadMobile

o   20 and 21 February 2014

•         LuciadRIA

o   20 and 21 February 2014

•         LuciadFusion

o   20 and 21 February 2014


More Public Product Trainings are scheduled to take place in May, September and December 2014.

All info can be found on

Click on the following links to find a document including more information regarding the content and the prerequisites for the different Luciad Product Trainings listed above.

Please let us know if you would like to attend a Luciad Public Training by sending us an email and attaching the Training Registration Form (and Purchase Order if required by your organization).