Modifying COTS Mission Systems for Program Specific Needs Without NRE


Modified COTS (MCOTS) variants of Parvus DuraCORmission
processors take advantage of Curtiss-Wright’s 
cost competitive and quick-turn application engineering 
services to meet platform-specific I/O requirements—and 
typically without NRE expense. Leveraging built-in 
scalability, rugged DuraCOR mission computers
are tailored for program specific needs via turnkey 
integration of add-on sensor interface capabilities.


+ No/low-NRE – save 40 to 60% or more on project costs by leveraging our IP investment and subsystem integration service.
+ Risk reduction – leverage our pedigree of MIL-STD environmental and EMI qual testing to ensure high reliability.
+ Accelerate time to market – start your application development right away using existing COTS-based products and save months of overall development time

 Not sure what you want? Get some inspiration from the following MCOTS system datasheets:

+ MCOTS Parvus DuraCOR 8042 Product Sheet: Networked Video/Control Processor
+ MCOTS Parvus DuraCOR 8041 Product Sheet: Graphics / ISR Payload Processor
+ MCOTS DuraCOR 8043 Product Sheet: Trusted Thin Client/Cross Domain Platform