Courses Offered
Courses Offered

Writing Dynamics



1 Writing Dynamics™ is based on the successful system of Roger Davies—three-time winner of the American Business Press Editorial Achievement Award, the Pulitzer of the business press.

Writing Dynamics™ was developed to answer the question commonly asked by senior managers, “How do we improve the writing skills of our staff?”

Both private organisations and government agencies recognise that written communication is the key to effectiveness. No matter how strong their professional expertise, if they cannot convey it to various audiences, their impact is diminished.

Writing Dynamics™ provides the techniques to focus on the reader and convey ideas with clarity and impact.

  • Use a writing system that works every time
  • Write faster
  • Attract your reader’s attention
  • Persuade your reader
  • Explain complex ideas clearly and simply

Workshop Objectives:

All of our workshops are customised for the specific needs of each group. Emphasis is decided after hearing input from the participants and their organisation.